What is Triguni Eze Eats?

Triguni Eze Eats is the first brand of instant dehydrated convenience meal in a tub, of a homestyle taste to be launched in India in Oct 2011. The concept is perfectly cooked and perfectly dehydrated meals that taste just as freshly cooked, just by adding boiling hot water.

Does Triguni Eze Eats contain any preservatives?

Absolutely not. Our products contain only an all-natural Antioxidant (INS 307b) which is a source of Vitamin E.

Do your products contain any added MSG?

We do not use MSG as an ingredient in any of our products.

How many products of Triguni Eze Eats are there?

We have 18 delicious products in Veg and 1 in Non-Veg (Chicken Curry Rice.)

Is there complete separation of Veg and Non-Veg processing?

Yes, the zone which handles Non-veg ingredients is completely separate from our Vegetarian processing zone and in line with FSSAI regulations.

What is the Shelf Life?

All our products have a shelf life of 6 months from PKD (Packed Date)

What are the storage conditions?

Store in a cool and dry place – such as a cupboard. No refrigeration required.

Is the quantity & temperature of water to be added important?

Yes. For achieving the right consistency of the prepared food, water must be added just upto the line. Too much water will result in a soupy texture and too little water or water which is not hot enough (at least 80 deg C) will result in a product that is partly dry and not palatable.

Are the products microwavable?

Yes. Products of our Big Serve Pack range are microwavable in 4 minutes – except for Tamarind Rice.

Can we order any quantity we want?

A minimum of 4 pcs can be ordered, with a maximum of 100 pcs.

How soon can you dispatch my order?

Typically within 24 hours your order can be dispatched not including holidays.

How fast is the delivery?

(courier mode) for tier 1 cities. For tier 2 & 3 cities - 3 working days. Valid for India.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, we can.

Where is Triguni Eze Eats produced?

Triguni Eze Eats is produced and distributed from our FSSC 22000 & Halal Certified manufacturing plant in Thiruverkadu, Chennai

Do you have a factory outlet?

Yes, you can purchase our exciting range of products at discounted rate from our factory outlet, with the convenience of paying by credit card. We are located at 65, Perumal Agaram Salai, Thiruverkadu, Chennai – 600077

What pack sizes are available?

Big Serve Pack (wide 400 ml or 500 ml tub), Economy Pack (tall 400 ml tub), Snack Pack (250 ml tub), Combo Pack (single - partitioned tray), and Travel Pack (multi-pouch with single reusable tub)

What are the portion sizes of the various packs?

Big Serve Pack will provide approximately 300 grams of prepared wt for most of our products, except for Kadhi Chawal – 275 grams, Paneer Butter Masala Rice – 260 grams, Chicken Curry Rice – 270 grams. Economy Pack will provide approximately 250 grams of product

Snack Pack will provide between 170 to 200 grams of product depending on the variant

Combo Packs are rectangular packs with a middle partition creating two cavities for packing a combination of two different products.

Combo Pack will provide between 350 to 375 grams for Jeera Rice & Dal / Chole variants and including Pongal – Sambar.

Breakfast Value & Meal Value Combo Packs will provide between 460 to 470 grams

Travel Pack offers for selected products (Biriyani, Poha, Rava Upma, Dal Chawal, and Bisibele Bhath) a compact way of carrying economy pack size portion of 4 pouches – approximately 250 grams prepared weight per pouch when rehydrated in one reusable plain tub. It comes along with a reusable spoon and a level indication clip.

Is there a store near me (in India) where I can purchase Triguni Eze Eats?

Triguni Eze Eats is available in several outlets in the 4 major metros – Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Raipur, Ranchi. Please click our Store Locator to find a store near you. Our products are available in premium supermarket outlets such as Modern Bazaar outlets in Delhi, 24 x 7 outlets in Delhi; Avarya, Neelam Foodland and Society Stores in Mumbai; Bhagyalaxmi Stores and JK Lifestore in Kolkata; Nilgiris, Grace World, Kovai Pazhamudir, Waitrose in Chennai.