About Triguni Eze Eats


Triguni Food Pvt. Ltd was born with the idea of doing something innovative; providing a concept of perfectly dehydrated meals that capture great taste; is healthy, conveniently packaged & ready in a matter of minutes, just by adding boiling hot water. The initial focus was in the segment of South Indian rice specialties such as Veg Biriyani from Hyderabad; Tamarind Rice, Lemon Rice and Mint Rice from Chennai.

From the initial idea in September 2009, R&D effort was put in to develop products. A team of professionals were hired and a modern HACCP designed food plant by renovations in our existing garment premises. Parallel work was done enlisting professionals in Marketing, Branding and Graphic Design, and thus Triguni Eze Eats brand came into being by Feb 2011.Β 

The construction of plant was completed by mid-2011 and trials were taken for the next 3 months to optimize and fine tune the process. Simultaneously focus group studies helped us narrow down the launch product profile of eZe Eats, by Triguni. We offered a broad range of products based on Indian Rice dishes, Eze Eats by Triguni was launched commercially in select retail outlets of Chennai on Diwali day 2011. Triguni created history by being the pioneers in bringing to India, dehydrated rice based meals.


The Initial Launch in Chennai Retail Market – Oct 2011
The Initial Launch in Chennai Retail Market – Oct 2011


The innovation of prepared Indian meals by just adding boiling hot water caught the attention of India’s leading budget airline - IndiGo, and in April 2012 IndiGo was the first Airline in the entire world to prepare and serve Eze Eats Instant Biryani and Tamarind Rice! Since then there has been no looking back for Triguni Eze Eats. After the successful introduction of instant Biriyani, followed by instant Rava Upma on IndiGo, in 2013 we clinched business with another key Airline Go Air, where we introduced Seviyan Khichdi and Awadh Pulao. We had introduced Triguni Eze Eats Pongal and Rava Lentil Upma with Air Costa in 2014. We were the first to introduce a travel pack concept in 2016 (space saving pack with multiple pouches) and the first to introduce a two product combo pack in 2018. Currently our mouth watering all – natural products are sold in IndiGo and Air Asia. In 2018, we developed a range of products such as Soy Pullao, Millet Pongal with Horse Gram Dal for weight watchers and diabetic patients for Kolors healthcare centres. Our pioneering range of products have been accepted across a broad spectrum of Distribution Channels – Budget Airlines, Intercity Trains, Intercity Buses, Budget Hotels, Health Centres, IT Parks, Coworking Office Space, Retail, E-Commerce.


We are now going for a brand makeover…Triguni Eze Eats brand will soon be replaced by Eze Eats Triguni in all our products. Two of our premium products – Paneer Butter Masala Rice and Chicken Curry Rice have been launched in our Eze Eats Triguni brand.

Product Development

Our slogan is Innovations in Food…it means that we are eager to develop new products, to cater to current market trends. Sometimes, based on our gut-feel of what the market would love to have, we develop something revolutionary…something that’s not β€œout there.” For example, we have developed and commercialized successfully the World's first dehydrated Medhu Vada and launched them as Rasa Vada in 2016, and then Sambar Vada in 2018.

We have a professional and experienced product development team consisting of food safety auditor, micro-biologists, food chemist, head chef, and top/senior management. The recipes are sourced from the region of origin of the delicacy, from an authentic source. We iterate the recipe development process until we achieve a delicious homestyle and traditional taste (cooking – dehydration -rehydration); keeping a balanced spice level that will be appreciated by all our customers. Once the taste is accepted by means of organoleptic testing by our tasting panel, the dehydrated product undergoes accelerated shelf life testing and microbiological testing.


Our Products are manufactured in a state of the art HACCP designed plant that achieved ISO 22000 certification in 2017 and FSSC certification in 2018.

Great care is taken to ensure cooking process is perfect, standardised and uniformity in taste is repeated batch after batch. The cooked products are skillfully dehydrated to perfection. The dehydrated products are screened for removal of all types of unwanted foreign objects, if present. As per the type of pack, the products are then weighed to precision, and passed through metal detection and packed in tri-laminated Nitrogen flushed food grade pouches. The pouche are then batch-coded and packed in food grade tubs along with food grade spoons. The packed tubs are then shrink wrapped and then passed through a final metal detection and cartoned.

Veg and Non-Veg products are packed in completely separate sections.
Please see a video about our Products and Covid Protection protocols being followed at our plant.


Only the best grade of raw materials from our Approved Vendors List are purchased. Suppliers are rated and monitored periodically. As a part of food safety & hygiene practices (GMP), vegetables are chlorinated and washed with soft water to ensure they are free from chlorine. Similarly granular ingredients are screened through vibro screeners and all raw material are subjected to visual inspection as well as chemical analysis. Only those raw materials which pass stringent testing enter the production process. Similarly all packaging material are subject to QA tests.
Please see a video on our Quality Assurance Facilities & Awards

At every step of the production process, Quality Assurance is achieved by monitoring and ensuring the process parameters are within our specifications. This applies to parameters pertaining to equipment and processing zones. Every batch of cooked product is tasted and after approval by the tasting panel, the batch is taken for further processing. The dehydrated batch is tested for moisture control parameters in our Chemical Lab, and only after the parameters are within specs, is the dehydration process deemed complete. QA inspections are performed during subsequent screening operations. In the packing process, the screened products are passed through metal detection, and QA random inspection of pouched packs is carried out. Random inspection of fully packed tubs taken from packed cartons is carried out. Inspections of goods lift and inspection of loading zones of our product transport vehicles for hygienic conditions are also carried out.

You can be assured of a delicious and safe meal experience every time you prepare a Triguni Eze Eats product!


Triguni Eze Eats is available in the 4 major metros – Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, along with Raipur & Ranchi. Please click our Store Locator to find a store near you. Our products are available in premium supermarket outlets such as Modern Bazaar outlets in Delhi, 24 x 7 outlets in Delhi; Avarya, Neelam Foodland and Society Stores in Mumbai; Bhagyalaxmi Stores and JK Lifestore in Kolkata; Nilgiris, Grace World, Kovai Pazhamudir, Waitrose in Chennai.

Triguni Eze Eats at a major super market in Chennai